Things You Need to Know

Hi, I'm Grace Elsner

Certified Babysitter through Missouri Baptist Hospital. Over eight years of experience to put your mind at ease while you are out of the house.

Eight full years of experience with kids with ages from 6 months to 12 years old. Worked with children with anxiety and disabilities such as Down Syndrome and ADD.

12 hour response time to accept or deny babysitting jobs. I do my best to place you with another sitter if possible. No required time frame for jobs to be offered, but the earlier the offer, the better chance I am available.

Very involved in leadership roles in high school including yearbook, student website, and admissions. At Creighton, I hope to be a tour guide and pursue internships.



   I may be a bit different than other eighteen-year-olds you've met before. Growing up with hard-working parents, a strong work ethic came to me naturally as I followed in their footsteps. Upon moving to Kirkwood at the age of six, I quickly found myself in one of the best places ever, my neighborhood. Looking up to the older girls on my street, I dreamed of becoming a babysitter.

      At age ten, I received my first paid babysitting job. The most rewarding part of that experience was working with one of the children who has Down Syndrome and assisting him with reading and writing. Through this, I learned the skill of patience. It was also fulfilling to watch him persevere through obstacles. 

   Flash forward a few more years, and my business has begun to take off. I knew I wanted to work with as many families as I could and turned to my parents' advice when I needed a place to start. Through other programs I created in my neighborhood, whether it was dance recitals or bonfires, I had always looked for ways to go the extra mile.

   Currently working with over fifty families in St. Louis and Omaha, my job is to provide the same great service at an affordable rate for all families. With a more professional approach, I strive to be hands-on and create fun activities to keep children engaged. Whether I am working with a two-year-old or a ten-year-old, I promise to practice good values, keep your child(ren) entertained, and create unforgettable experiences.