What Should My Kids Expect?

     I have it down to a science. Through the four years that we have done these events, parents, as well as children, have given us plenty of feedback to work with. Our goal is for your children to meet other children in the Saint Louis area. We believe that bridging connections of kids from different schools is one of our greatest offerings to families. 

      My goal is to make all children feel at home at my house. I try to bridge and forge connections between children who don't know each other because I know that is something that is different from a regular sitter. We try to make the transition into our house seamless by giving the children plenty of options from games to crafts, to video games, the children get to choose how to spend their time. I have found that giving these children these freedoms in a controlled environment can be beneficial because options like this are not always presented in a young child's life.

     But that's not all we offer. Through a set schedule, there's always fun stuff to do and never any downtime. We have fun from 6-10. For the first 45 minutes, parents drop their kids off and indoor games and crafts take over. We love to go outside and enjoy my large backyard. The biggest outdoor attraction: probably the watercolor painting outside. After some outdoor time, we head inside for a snack. Sitting all together, we say a prayer before we eat. When the snack is cleaned up, the children have more freedom. While there are crafts upstairs, there is also a movie playing downstairs. We believe that the options allow children to best spend their time. At 9:30 pm, we clear away the furniture, turn on the music and distribute the glow sticks. This is by far the favorite part of the kids every single time. When you pick up your children, we guarantee they won't want to leave.

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6pm - 10pm

$50 per family

It's that simple.

Getting the word out

You give us the contact information, we send you a text once a month with the info.

It's that simple.

What WE provide

While we don't provide dinner, we do have games, movies, crafts, sports, and a snack.

It's that simple.

What we are known for

At 9 pm, the glow sticks are distributed, the lights are turned down, and the glow in the dark dance party begins!

It's that simple.