Are You Still There?

If you have recently looked at my site it may seem as though it has not been updated. And that is sort of true. It has been a busy couple of months. I can safely say I have senioritis and it is ahead to find the time to accomplish every task.

I worked quite a lot over Christmas Break with multiple families and ended up taking a few too many trips to Flying Spider. With January came time to take my wisdom teeth out, so I could not work with some families due to my pain in my mouth (oral surgery is no joke). As I reflect on the fact that graduation is a few short months away, I want to make the time count with the families that I work with. I plan on hosting a few more Dine and Drops in the upcoming months, and there will be information communicated via text and mail.

The most popular question I (and my classmates) am getting currently is "Where are you going to college?" The short answer is that I do not know yet. While many people find this a stressful question, I do not mind being asked. I have been accepted to six wonderful schools (and counting). While none of them are in St. Louis, I won't be too far away! I look forward to keeping in touch with all my families and stopping by to visit every now and then.

As the time seems to wind down very fast, I hope that you take the time to reach out and contact me for any of your sitting needs. I look forward to providing the exceptional care that I hold myself accountable to, and do not forget to refer me to your friends!

All the best,


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