Back To School Update

Hi everyone!

It is so hard to schedule out time to update on here. I am almost two weeks into senior year and the stress is quite enormous right now. I have narrowed down my college list to eight schools. I am very excited to begin applying. I am taking the ACT (standardized testing) one more time in September, and then I will be done (hopefully).

What else? I worked a lot over the summer so I am enjoying the change of scenery being back to school, while still being able to work during the week or even weekend. My tennis season starts right after Labor Day and I am proud to announce that for the second year, I am serving as JV Captain.

In between all my classes, I am also getting the yearbook up and running and running the Visitation Academy student site, . I am loving the opportunity to lead the school as a senior, but I can say that it has not yet hit me that I will not be at school a year from now. I also got the opportunity to be on the board for the RISE Collaborative High School Girls in Leadership Conference. It was quite a day!

Curious what classes I am taking this year? Please view the list below.

College Credit English

College Credit Calculus

AP and College Credit French


World Affairs

College Credit World Religions

Hope to see you soon,


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