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It's been a minute! This summer has sadly flown by. I cannot believe my senior year is approaching so quickly. I am sad to say goodbye to the Petris. They were a wonderful family to work with. I spent countless hours with Willow, Sienna, Matthew, Marcus, Cory, and Jackson. I also packed up many rooms of the house and took care of their countless animals while they were out of town. I cannot believe we will not see them for a while.

As I continue my college search, I am constantly reminded of the short year I have left with the wonderful families I work for. While I am looking forward to learning to live on my own and meeting lots of new people, I know that the families I work with will be one of the hardest things to say "see you later" to. I hope in this next year, we can work together frequently as I wrap up my high school experience.



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