What am I up to this summer?

They say that junior year of high school is the hardest. I would have to agree. While juggling school assignments and the yearbook, I was also an active ambassador to Visitation Academy and Media Director of Vivette Times, the first student run website. I also participated in tennis and track (first year of not playing soccer for Viz EVER). On top of all of that, my babysitting business has grown. I owe everything to my loyal clients, especially those that attend the lovely Dine and Drops. We had eleven successful ones in 2017 and that makes me so happy.

Onto this summer, I have a lot of goals. I would love to meet new families and continue to host the Dine and Drops, especially if the children still love all the crafts and activities. Since my business is driven from feedback from parents and children, its important for me to do my best to keep everyone content with the services I provide. I will be mainly working with the Petri's, as they prepare to move to Nebraska. I will be driving the children around, taking care of their countless pets (they got a new dog recently!) and helping pack and organize everything. I have also been in contact with a few other families but the main message is that I can still help during the week. If you need a date night, I will do my best to keep my weekend nights free.

Since its crazy I am technically a senior, it's time to start working on applications. I have my resume of activities done, standardized testing complete, and I am currently working on my college essay. It will be a busy next few months, but I know I have all of your support!


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