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Hi everyone. As we transition into the second quarter of school, I wanted to let everyone know about what I am up to currently.

College: I have applied to all of my colleges! Keep in touch with me to find out where I am accepted and where I am headed in the future. No matter where I attend, I plan to study finance and marketing--following the footsteps of my parents who have careers in the business fields.

School: I am taking some challenging classes this year, and it has been a bit stressful as I attempt to juggle all of the activities, homework, and of course babysitting that I do. Here is a list of the classes I am taking this year: College Credit English, College Credit Calculus, Economics, Genetics, College Credit/Advanced Placement French, World Affairs, and College Credit World Religions. In addition to that, I also receive credit for working on the yearbook and student website.

Extracurriculars: The tennis season just wrapped up a few weeks and I will miss my coach and my teammates. Like I previously mentioned, I am working on , our school's student website, but also yearbook, serving as editor for the third year. I have accepted the position this year as volunteer coordinator and social media director of Viz Admissions, and am thrilled at being able to work alongside such a wonderful team of people. Of course I am still babysitting, but have now also taken to driving kids around to soccer practice or any other event that their parents cannot get them to.

Mentorship Program: Once again in connection to RISE Collaborative Workspace in Clayton, I have been matched with a mentor. This year I am working with a mentor named Kristen Bell who works at American Family Insurance in Florrisant, Missouri. I really enjoy our conversations and love her advice.

Things to Watch for Soon: I am joining Facebook! I would love if you could (when it launches) write a review on my services, and even like my page! I appreciate all of the referrals that come to me through my loyal families, and I hope that by creating this page, there will be less work on the referral end for you all.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out.

All the best,


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