What to Ask a Babysitter:

So you have decided to hire a babysitter. After communicating back and forth, a date is agreed upon. There are a few questions you have to ask yourself before he/she arrives.

1. Can they drive? If they do not, you must coordinate who will be driving where and if that will impact the rate of the sitter. If they do drive, make sure they have your address and information on where to park. There is nothing worse than arriving and not knowing where to park.

2. What do they charge? All babysitters are different, but most charge by the hour. Consider the amount of work and if you have had this sitter work with your family in the past, ask your children for feedback on her work and amount of attention given.

3. Have they worked with children of similar age? Especially if your child is a toddler or younger, double check the sitter is comfortable and can handle situations that might arise (diaper change). You would be surprised-- some sitters do not have that experience.

4. Do they have any references? If you have not worked with them in the past, its time to check them out and make sure they would be the right fit for your family. If she/he cannot give you any references from families (teachers and faculty at their school can provide input, but its not always helpful feedback) then it might be time to rethink your new hire.

5. Will they need anything from you? This may include food, WiFi passwords, or a list of emergency contact information (pediatrician, dentist, and relative). Every sitter varies.

6. How will you pay them? Some sitters only accept cash, others use apps like Venmo, or checks. Make sure you are clear with how the payment will go through.

All of these questions answered, you should be set for your appointment with your babysitter. Don't forget before you leave, ask if he/she has any questions, especially after meeting your children.

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