Mr. Brett Grimm

   It is with great pleasure that I recommend Grace Elsner as a babysitter. She has watched my children (ages seven and four) on several occasions. My kids had nothing but great things to say about their times with Grace.


   Grace made our kids feel comfortable, wanted, and excited about the activities, snacks, and fun things planned for each Dine and Drop.


   I believe the thing I like most was the fact that Grace sent reminders of all her upcoming babysitting events, well in advance. Grace made it really easy for us to make plans.

Mrs. Susan Petri

   It is my complete pleasure to highly recommend Grace Elsner for any babysitting needs. I have known Grace for several years. It has been wonderful to watch Grace develop into an outstanding, responsible and very capable young woman. 


   She has taken care of my 6 kids with enthusiasm. Grace is reliable. I remember one time she texted me just let me know she was going to be a little early! 

   I have relied on Grace for driving, pickups and overall kid-management. I am very thankful that Grace is part of our lives!

Mrs. Christina Carron

   Our daughter absolutely adores Grace and enjoys spending every moment with her. We completely trust her to take care of our daughter at home or to various activities (e.g., ice skating or trampoline parks). Grace keeps a balance between being organized yet flexible in the activities they do together.  She always sticks to the schedule agreed upon when it comes to nap/bed times and expectations on activities, and she puts our child’s safety above all else.

   I believe her maturity and professionalism are incredibly impressive for such a young woman. Grace has found her vocation and truly loves what she does. She has become a part of the family over the past few years, and we simply cannot say enough great things about Grace!