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Pool Tiles

My Projects

If you would like to see more, please contact Grace directly at

Alpha Kappa Psi

Concept:  With the help of the marketing committee, clearly communicate relevant information.


Swans Sports

Concept:  Elevate a recreational sports team's socials to the next level with cutting visuals and spotlights that would draw in fans.


KSDK Television

Concept: Even through email, holiday cards are a great way to thank your employees for their hard work time and time again.


Clean Eatz

Concept:  Create buzz within college campuses in Omaha for the Clean Eatz opening in March 2023.


Where We Met Maps

Concept: Many people care a lot about specific locations in their lives: a first meeting point, a specific travel destination, etc. 


Money Mammoth

Concept: A book turned spin-off podcast attempts to grow followers on social media after a successful book launch.

Money Mammoth.png
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